Climate Change

Climate change is one of March On Maryland’s most important initiatives. We believe that climate change should be confronted as a global urgency, not a partisan issue to be debated. It is a threat to all life on this planet, and it is undeniably caused by humankind. It is therefore our responsibility to fix what we have broken, and to protect this planet and the beautiful life that it creates and supports.

Many of us here in Maryland are in a privileged position when it comes to climate change. As one of the world’s richest nations, the United States is among the biggest contributors to climate change. Yet, we see the fewest ill effects from it. The people that suffer the most from climate change’s effects are in developing nations, many of which give off little to no carbon emissions. There human beings in developing nations throughout the world who are about to be drowned by rising sea levels, or starved by horrendous droughts brought on by rising temperatures. Regardless of Maryland’s size or position, it is our responsibility to work from our place of privilege to assist those who need a voice.

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