March On Maryland exists to increase civic engagement, champion first amendment rights, and amplify the voices of the underrepresented, marginalized, and oppressed in order to empower and support our communities. We believe in sustainable practices and evolutionary thinking.

Our Top Priority

Our top priority is to elevate the voices of every group to create a united community founded in inclusivity and empathy. To achieve this goal, our main focuses are on community change and engagement support, social justice initiatives, and community education.

Women's Rights

March On Maryland was born out of the Women’s March movement in 2017. For too long, women’s voices have been suppressed and ignored. It is on all women and their male allies to amplify the voices of women and do their part in leveling the playing field. Each year, MOM organizes the Women’s Unity March in Annapolis and works with multiple women-led organizations throughout the state.

Climate Change

Climate change is a global crisis that impacts each and every one of us. As the guardians of the Chesapeake Bay, we in Maryland have the opportunity and the responsibility to a tangible impact against climate change. March On Maryland does its part by organizing with local environmental and climate activist groups to put on rallies and open a dialogue between grassroots organizers and legislators.

Racial Justice

Implicit racial bias is a poison that infects every corner of the country. At March On Maryland, we are committed to amplifying the voices of people of color in our community so that more people can hear their stories. Our mission is to allow those impacted by racial bias to tell their stories in their way; not to tell their stories for them. We do this through support of grassroots movements led by people of color and investigating the history of racial terror in Maryland.

Voter Engagement

One of March On Maryland’s core beliefs is that every person deserves to have a voice in their governance. Often, many American voices and votes are not counted, due either to a lack of access to information about their voter rights or to intentional suppression by those in power. We are determined not only to allow everyone to use their voice, but to give them the knowledge and tools to do it themselves.